Imec, a world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies, recognized the importance of maintaining robust information security practices within its organization. To enhance their internal training programs and engage employees more effectively, Imec sought a creative solution that would inject dynamism into their information security training sessions.

The challenge?

Imec faced the challenge of making their information security training sessions more engaging and memorable for employees. Traditional methods lacked the interactivity and excitement needed to effectively convey crucial security protocols and best practices.

Our solution!

Imec collaborated with our team to develop a unique solution: introducing a mascot in the form of a charming key character. This mascot served as a friendly guide throughout the information security training materials, injecting personality and approachability into the content.


Our team designed a series of eye-catching posters featuring the mascot, strategically placed within Imec’s facilities to grab employees’ attention and create awareness about the importance of information security. Additionally, we created animated versions of the mascot, along with variations depicting different scenarios and security measures, to be integrated into Imec’s training modules.

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