When Geysen sought to showcase the importance of technicians, we crafted a comprehensive campaign designed to captivate audiences and elevate the profession. Our mission? To make the role of technicians shine brighter than ever before.

Bridging theory with practice

Geysen’s innovative campaign began with an engaging online quiz, leading to a hands-on experience at their Westerlo headquarters. Participants showcased their expertise, with the top ten contenders advancing to practical tests. From diagnostics to repairs, these challenges tested skills under real-world conditions. The finale crowned a victor, underscoring Geysen’s commitment to talent development and the significance of practical skills in the technician profession, inspiring future generations.

Powering campaign success with Ben and Philippe

For our campaign, we partnered with Flemish actor Ben Segers to bring charm and charisma to the screen. But that’s not all – recognizing the importance of inclusivity, we also created a French version featuring former cyclist Philippe Gilbert.

By tapping into the influence of Segers and Gilbert, we not only grabbed attention but also connected with diverse language groups, expanding our audience and driving up engagement with our quiz.

Beyond launch: maximizing impact

In addition to creating captivating marketing materials for the launch, including eye-catching visuals and compelling messaging, we went the extra mile to immortalize the event. From crafting an electrifying aftermovie to capturing stunning photos of the physical event at Geysen’s headquarters, we left no stone unturned in preserving the excitement and energy of the occasion.


But we didn’t stop there. Recognizing the power of media coverage in amplifying our message, we fostered close relationships with various press outlets. By strategically reaching out to journalists and influencers, we secured extensive coverage of the campaign, further expanding its reach and impac

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