ED TV in short is the new school television: hip, cool and full of energy. ED TV was released in late October 2020 and is a place for youngsters to come together and discuss difficult topics such as sex education, drugs, alcohol and so on. Alongside a forum, chatbot and website with lots of audiovisual content, ED TV provides teachers with lesson packages to cover the mentioned topics in class. At the start of the Corona pandemic “EDscape” was added: an educational game that teaches children of all ages about the importance of the coronavirus measures.

So, who's behind this?

ED TV is an original concept by theaterhuis Uitgezonderd!, the theater company by Bob Jennes and James Cooke. The create and produce various theater shows to educate people of all ages something about a certain topic: fun, engaging and fabulous.


The world is a stage and the play is theirs!

Ok fine, and what did you guys do?

Well, Ohana brought the little mascot ED to life by animating it in videos, gifs and various click areas on the digital platform. Next to that we designed the “camping ED” trailer and provided Uitgezonderd! with numerous marketing assets such as social media posts, stickers and so on.

We helped them out with their social media marketing plan and create a fun and engaging post about a special topic every now and then.

Embark on exploration

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