The heartbeat
of Ohana

Our values – trust, growth, fun & laughs and unity – form the foundation of everything we do. We aim for strong relationships based on trust, encourage growth, enjoy the process with a dash of fun, and foster unity within our Ohana family. Together, we craft high-quality and meaningful content that tells your story in a unique way.


Welcome to the Ohana family.

Fun & laughs

At Ohana, it’s all about fun. From brainstorming sessions to wrapping up projects, you’ll always get a good dose of positivity thrown in for free.


Trust is one of our core foundations. At Ohana, we build relationships with openness, honesty, and reliability.


One team, one family! We embrace our differences and support each other like a tight-knit family for success and growth.


At Ohana, we see growth as a continuous process. We’re constantly striving for improvement, learning, and development, both personally and professionally.

More than just creatives.

Step into the world of Ohana, where a diverse group of individuals come together to form a powerful and inspiring team. Our team reflects various backgrounds, talents, and passions that seamlessly merge to push creative boundaries and bring unique stories to life. Driven by a shared vision, we strive for innovation and excellence in everything we do. At Ohana, we find strength in our diversity and celebrate the unique contributions each team member brings. Discover the magic of the Ohana team, where collaboration, creativity, and inspiration converge to create something extraordinary.

How it all began for us.

Centuries ago, Ohana was the messenger of the Hawaiian gods. Every year, on the first of August, he would go to Tiki Beach at midnight and wait by a magical fire for Haumea. According to legend, Haumea, the Goddess and Mother Nature who created the world and the islands, emerged from the fire and told Ohana what she had in store for the island of Hawaii for the next twelve months.

Celestial things happen when exceptional companies join forces.

This encapsulates exactly what Celestial Group stands for. Our goal is to provide customers with a comprehensive package of quality and innovative solutions across all aspects of company branding, marketing, web, 3D, and AR/VR. At Celestial Group, we value sustainable and valuable relationships with our clients. Here, we don’t believe in separate islands, but in a group of experts coming together to deliver exceptional projects.

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Let's collaborate to turn your vision into reality. Reach out to us today to discuss your project needs, from content strategy and scriptwriting to filming, editing, and beyond. We're passionate about creating content that resonates and drives results.